The topic is addressed by D.N.P. Murthy, Emeritus Professor, The University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia.

Asset (product, plant or infrastructure) Management in the context of Industrial Services requires making decisions between purchase versus lease (through a lease contract [LC]). In addition, there is need to decide on in-house activities versus outsourcing of maintenance (through extended warranty [EW] or maintenance service contract [MSC]). EW, MSC and LC are contracts involving two or more parties. Each party has a different objective function for the decision making process. Game theory provides an interesting framework for evaluating alternate decisions and choosing the optimal decision for the parties involved. The seminar will deal with this decision making.

To whom:
Researchers interested in industrial services.
Industry representatives working with the topics.

Time & Venue:
Tue 1st October 2013, 13.00-15.30 o’clock. Aalto University, Otaniemi

More information:
Details of the event on the seminar web page: http://cse.aalto.fi/research/groups/isi/murthy2013

Alternative registration link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1naonjARWG4PY0h0bZ0IRvWpeILcSJTTtIZq6Urqt8HY/viewform

The seminar is arranged by the Industrial Service Informatics research group at Aalto University. Please feel free to distribute this invitation to interested parties.

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