Open access journal Technology Innovation Management Review publishes a double special issue on the topic ”Service and Innovation” in April-May 2014. The April issue has already come out and can be read at Guest Editors for both issues are Marja Toivonen (VTT, Finland), Risto Rajala (Aalto University, Finland) and Mika Westerlund (Carleton University, Canada).

The April issue starts with a literature review that analyzes service innovation research using a well-known division into “assimilation, demarcation and synthesis approaches”. The second article compares R&D-based innovation practices with user- and employee-based practices from the viewpoint of radicalness of innovations. The third article focuses on the on the utilization of social platforms for co-creation of value and the collection of value-in-use information through interactions within a service system. Also the fourth article discusses the use of social media: it investigates the effects of electronic word-of-mouth communication on the reach of local service providers’ marketing activities. The last article has an international perspective: it provides a case study on the ways in which Western KIBS enter Chinese markets and position their business in their respective value chains.

Also the May issue will include an article based on the topical theme of the Chinese markets – this article examines the game industry in China, and services linked to it. In addition, the issue includes a case study that illustrates the ways in which service-dominant logic may enable new types of innovation activities and innovative results in a manufacturing company. There will also be a methodological article that investigates the role of survey approaches in service innovation research.

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